Left-Wing Panic: Anthony Fauci Finds Himself on Our Side; Encourages In-Person Schooling - Granite Grok

Left-Wing Panic: Anthony Fauci Finds Himself on Our Side; Encourages In-Person Schooling

Dr Fauci

Back in April, GraniteGrok pointed out that there was no good reason to prevent in-person education. Since then, we’ve brushed up against the topic scores of times, and each has included even more evidence kids are not a vector for transmission to kids or anyone else. Anthony Fauci just said the same damn thing.

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“If you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not very big at all,” Fauci added. “Not like one would have suspected.”

This is not Fauci’s first brush with the idea. He has advocated for trying to get kids back in school (in-person) but not until recently.

Democrats, meanwhile, at least around these parts, have taken to demanding remote learning or, when possible, name-calling those of us who have insisted the data was clear, and it was time to end the fear.

We have provided more than a few research findings showing that remote learning was bad for kids’ health. Research by professionals, the UN, the CDC, and even reports from the New York Times.

That the isolation, distancing, and the rest of it is worse than the Rona. That there were significant advantages to public health to return to full in-person classrooms, not that we think public Education is good for anything else.

And hey, there’s no evidence kids are a vector for transmission.

Two international studies have found no relationship between in-person K-12 learning and the spread of COVID-19. And another study, this one from the United States, found that childcare workers have experienced no greater risk of infection either.

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Home-schooled and private school kids are thriving while the rest are wasting away mentally, and it’s taking a toll. A problem we were not alone in addressing. Far more prominent advocates like Sen Rand Paul were public about their concerns, which, at the time, Rubbed Dr.Fauci the wrong way.

Fauci and Paul sparred over the question of whether schools should reopen back in May of this year, leading to countless online attacks against Senator Paul by many prominent progressives.

Sen. Paul, a doctor, likely had better sources and more information but the response to his observation were no different than to the ones we shared.

And remember Dr. Simone Gold? She made very similar claims about kids, viral load, and transmissibility. She was de-platformed by Fauci’s Covid-Cultists.

In the movie Plandemic, Dr. Judy Mikovits also explained the same dynamics for which she was panned and censored by the left.

We shared all of their research and expert opinion, and we were told we hate children, we’re murderers, you want people to die, and this from the party that will throw all its weight behind the idea that it is morally acceptable to kill a live baby at birth. Hey, that’s your party, not mine. But I think it’s an apt analogy.

The battle lines have long been drawn—their experts versus ours. Theirs are never wrong, but what happens when they realize theirs have to agree with ours? That depends.

If the person can’t be intimidated into recanting and aligning themselves with the correct political narrative or there’s no value in destroying them (because it would do more damage to the narrative than good), they act as if this is what they always believed, never admitting we were there long before they were.

So, what’s next? Well, if children are not vectors for transmission to children or adults (they are not), there’s no need for them to wear masks or social distance!

YOU hate children or teachers! You want people to die!, Murderer!

And the band played on.