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Roe v. Wade

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ACLU Fights to Keep The “Death Penalty” for Babies

Yesterday, Jeanne Hruska, Political Director for the ACLU of New Hampshire, testified in opposition to New Hampshire Bill HB625, which would restrict abortions in the third trimester, when babies are viable and can live outside the womb.

The Real Lesson of Roe v. Wade

When you make a federal case out of a state concern, you create a winner-take-all situation. If you think you’re going to win, that’s good, because you’ll win everywhere at once. But if the tide ever turns, it’s bad, because you lose everywhere at once.

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Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote, Up to SCOTUS, SCREAM!!!

Democrats are idiots, and not shy about it. Look at them, ranting about how the Supreme Court will overturn Roe and whatever follows matters not one bit. Why? Because it is ignorant, stupid garbage. This happens every time a Republican nominates someone to the High Court as does having to talk about this.

Biden admits his court packing position

Judge is Blocking Alabama’s Strict Abortion Law

Tuesday federal Judge, Myron H. Thompson of the United States District Court in Middle Alabama, blocked the Alabama abortion ban from being enforced. Judge Thompson is blocking Alabama from enforcing the state’s strict abortion law. While hearing of the case the injunction will remain in place.

Volinsky Lies. It Was NOT About Abortion.

This: Tyrion’s (hereinafter I shall refer to Volinsky as Tyrion in accordance with my latest nom-de-twitter for him #TyrionVolinsky) piece tells us much more about Tyrion’s qualifications to be Governor than it does about MaxDonald’s qualifications to sit on the New Hampshire Supreme Court. More specifically, Tyrion views the judiciary as a Super-Legislature that only …

Volinsky Lies. It Was NOT About Abortion. Read More »

Did You Know Supreme Court Nominee Gordon MacDonald Supports a STATE Constitutional Right to Abortion?

This: Actually, Roe -with its trimester scheme for abortion: abortion on demand in 1st trimester; only regulations to protect mother’s health in 2nd trimester; restrictions/prohibitions on abortion with exceptions for “health of mother” in 3rd trimester- was replaced in 1992 by Planned Parenthood vs. Casey’s “undue burden” standard. But I digress. The thing to keep …

Did You Know Supreme Court Nominee Gordon MacDonald Supports a STATE Constitutional Right to Abortion? Read More »