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Milton Friedman - Freedom and equality

The Radical Egalitarians And Their Rival Constitution

The U.S. Constitution, the one the founders wrote, holds that all men are created equal. We are endowed by our “nature and nature’s God” with unalienable rights. Those rights precede government. Further, the purpose of the state is to protect those rights and to treat all citizens equally.

Money for nuthin….

So let me get this straight, some 250 folks were trusting (nay, let’s be honest, greedy and stupid) enough to loan money to a Ponzi scheme in the hopes of making astonishing returns on those loans and when the scumbag operating it finally ran out of suckers and money and the game collapsed, these 250 …

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DACA vs Reparations FI

Why should I have to?

BUMPED and UPDATED from July 6, 2006.  Sometimes in looking for something, I find other stuff; after all, we have over 40,000 posts now. This one on Whites paying reparations to Blacks has aged well. The Race-baiters are demanding such even more during this time of Black Lives Matter than back in 2006. Reparations only …

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