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FL School guardsman armed

One Brave Soul to Stand at the Ready

In a popular Nashua Facebook group last week, a member posted that there was a Black Lives Matter protest being planned for that evening and he warned “If you have a business on Main Street, prepare to defend it.”

Andru Volinsky at BLM rally FI

Andru Volinsky – Mask Hypocrite

Yes, Volinsky is wearing a mask. At the recent Black Lives Matter rally. And yes, he’s just being politically correct because, well, that’s who and what he is. Go ahead and ask him “Don’t ALL LIVES MATTER”?

Reopen NH Save Livlihoods

ReOpenNH Concord Rally – MicroInterview with Dan Hynes

Another person that was roaming around the State House lawn before the ReOpenNH rally started was lawyer Dan Hynes. Like all the others, he had his reason for being there contra Governor Sununu’s stay-at-home orders; in order to exercise his First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

now what New Hampshire

Now What New Hampshire?

From pictures and videos I’ve seen online it appears that several hundred people gathered at the State House today to protest the Governor’s economic shutdown. That is their right, guaranteed by both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution, and it appears not a single person was arrested for gathering in violation of the Governor’s …

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