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Health Care Workers Protest Mandatory Vaccination

After the New Hampshire Hospital Association endorsed mandatory vaccination of medical professionals in the Granite State, Dartmouth-Hitchock announced that it would require all staff to get The Jab. Nurses and others have been protesting ever since.

For more than a week, they have stood on the corner across the street from the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center n Lebanon, New Hampshire.

The message is clear. The protest is not anti-vaccine; it’s anti-mandate.

People should be free to choose either way, and that’s no longer the case at Dartmouth Hitchcock. Despite a super-majority of voluntarily vaccinated staff without a mandate, they expect everyone to get The Jab by September 30th.

If they refuse they we assume they will be fired.

A strange move when one of the pillars of the pandemic-mythology has been to worry endlessly about inadequate or overworked resources.

But here we are.

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It’s Not Just This

Individual health freedom is intricately woven into our individual rights. If you take that away, the cord frays and unravels.

So, this isn’t just about a few or a few dozen or a few hundred people (or thousands) concerned about a health treatment becoming a mandate it is also about the culture it creates.

If we have no right to bodily integrity or medical privacy – the most basic property rights of them all (just ask a pro-abortion Democrat), there is nothing that an employer or the government can’t take from you.

The state needs to erect a wall between everyone and medical mandates, be they public or private, and protests like these are essential to making such an effort possible.

Here’s a video from the protest featuring protesters with some words from Nurses, including Teresa Grinnell and NH House Rep, and RN Leah Cushman.