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Trump Erases Most of 10-Point Polling Deficit in One Week

The big news has been the mystery of how idiot Joe Biden could be polling better than President Trump. The headlines read Biden ahead by ten (among likely BLM and Antifa protesters?). It’s been a thing, but now the thing has changed. In less than a week, Mr. Trump has erased most of that deficit.


GrokPOLL : How Soon Should We Re-Open New Hampshire?

If you ask the folks around here, when should we open New Hampshire, many of them will say, no one had the authority to “close it.” That’s true, but we don’t live there, we live here. And while His Excellency has a plan to slow roll us back, not everyone agrees that’s the best way.

Poll 2

A new poll: Safety & Security vs Freedom

Over at Fosters, the question being asked is: Mandatory or Freedom of choice – what vote you? So you all know what to do – you’ve never failed me before. Go do whatcha gotta do!