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“Retard” Makes A Comeback

In a moment of honesty, John Gage, the head of the American Federation of Government Employees Union (AFGE), calls elected officials who want to cut government pay “Mentally Retarded.”

Show me the Tax cut

All those years of left wing class warfare about cuts for the rich but none for the rest of us we’re liberal lies. Plain and simple. You can’t extend something that does not exist.

Fun With Paul And Carol

Anyone know if Paul ‘Sugar Daddy’ Hodes and Carol Seiu-Porter have decided to raise taxes yet?  That’s what that is you know?  If they allow any existing cuts to expire, they are raising taxes. Now I realize our liberal friends don’t see it that way.   They look at it like this.  Since 2003/2005 the …

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Progressive Trade Rules

Being beholden to unions causes you to say and do stupid things.  Take Carol Shea-Porter for example.  She was against a trade deal with Panama because she claimed it would cost American jobs, when it would actually open up trade from us to them–they already had unfettered access; result?–it would have created American jobs. Provisions …

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Lynch-Marched To Who Knows Where

The granite state shed another 360 workers in August to parts unknown as the post ‘end of the recession’ exodus of our civilian workforce rose to 16,550.

Hodes Nabbed For Push Poll

When a polling firm accepts the terms of the polling requested it is quite likely that it a) knows the laws of the state and knows it could be breaking them by doing the poll it is being paid for and b) accounts for how much extra the campaign will have to pay up front to get that kind of polling done knowing it may be in violation of state law and result in large fines.

Fiskal Konservative

…a diarist from the Daily KoS, expects you to believe that he is actually been undercover, hiding so far up under the left wing, that he would be permitted to keep and maintain a diary at the Daily KoS.

Hodes’ Foreign Money

But since the democrats are actually getting more foreign money than Republicans already, (here) would it matter if Paul Hodes had taken money from PAC’s with foreign donors directly into his campaign? He’d be spending it right here in New Hampshire to, how did he phrase it? affect local elections.

Are Hodes And Shea-Porter on the Communist Payroll?

A prominent talk radio host brings up an interesting point.  The democrats have spent trillions in the past two years, driving the deficit over 3.5 Trillion (from that irresponsible 400 Billion Bush left behind) with roughly a trillion of that money borrowed from the Chinese government.  That’s a trillion sent to the US treasury, which …

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