Hodespocrisy - Quick shot - Granite Grok

Hodespocrisy – Quick shot

Look it's the lying Llama from Dr Do-LittleMr. Ethics, Paul "Hot Dog" Hodes (you know what’s inside hot dogs) still has a slew of Senate slime ball donors for me to review, but this caught my attention and I had to write it up.

The top 20 recipients of Lobbyist funds in the 2010 cycle includes 15 democrats.  (That’s 15 out of 20)  Of those the top five are all democrats.  Of those top five recipients of lobbyist funds four of them have donated 10,000.00 dollars each to Paul Hodes.  Eight of the fifteen democrats on the top twenty lobbyist list have given Hodes money and all but one, Byron Dorgan, gave him the $10K kiss.

That’s $72,000.00 dollars from the lobbyists best democrat friends funneled into the campaign of Paul Hodes.

Yeah.  He’s going to change Washington.  Just like he has since 2007.  More spending, more debt, more special interests driving policy.