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The Nutroots Already Has a Guide (and a Plan) for Harassing NH Republicans

Democrats are the virus

Several sore losers on the left plan to demand recounts. They underestimated how much dumber the electorate was than they’d claimed. Not even smart enough to vote for them, maybe. Better check again. But not everyone is hopeful. The nutroots are already ready for losing, and they’ve got a guide.

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The NH Democracy Defenders Action Guide (pdf copy). [No, theirs is not the Constitution]


The New Hampshire Democracy Defenders, consists of progressive organizations across New Hampshire, including: New Hampshire Youth Movement, Rights & Democracy, 350 NH, Black Lives Matter Nashua, Black Lives Matter Seacoast, Never Again Action NH, NH Progresive Coalition, American Friends Service Committee (NH), Granite State Interfaith Action Fund, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and Frontline.

As a coalition, we are prepared to leverage the power of the people in response to the outcome of the 2020 election to protect the democratic process, grow our movement, and move NH closer to a livable future with good jobs, education, and healthcare for all.


Yes, they spelled progressive incorrectly, which, as you know, invalidates everything else they write, do, or say. Their rules.

But I do believe they are serious.

They want socialized energy, employment, education, and healthcare. The fact that none of these things is possible without a massive expansion of the state and significant enforcement mechanisms (including martial actions) is left off the table.

We (The Left) promise you all this bullsh!t for which someone else will pay, and it’ll be rainbows and sunshine.

More like fruit loops and jackboots.

Their energy solutions are worse for the planet than the current “abundant” and “affordable” variety. And anyone who pays even a tiny bit of attention knows that is just a front for advancing economic socialism.

The government has never made anything “cost less.” I use the word cost because the exchange involved is not limited to dollars. In fact, it has very little to do with money and everything to do with power. And there are no examples where using political force to cover medical costs made it more accessible, efficient, cost-effective, or innovative—practically the opposite.

The rest is just Marxist BS, but you are welcome to peruse our local copy of the ‘Action Guide.’ We cannot ignore it and need to prepare counters for the nonsense they plan – actual jobs, growth, and OMG, real choice, and personal liberty.

As intimated above our action guide(s) is called the US and New Hampshire Constitutions. An inaction guide, actually. All the things government and mobs (or NH Democracy Defenders) can’t do.

If we can get Republicans to hold them up (the Constitutions – State and Federal) to”state government” and make the appropriate corrections, the nutroots will lose their little collectivist minds but we’d be a lot freer and better for it.

No one is holding their breath.


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