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The Windham Incident: The AG Has some Questions…

PRESS RELEASE: September 16, 2021 – Windham, NH – On September 1, 2021, the attorney for the town of Windham received a four-page letter that contains a list of detailed questions regarding the town’s testing of their voting machines, as well as the handling of ballots.


House Election Committee Seems Ambivalent About Voter Fraud

A one-sentence bill to make our Statewide Voter Database Public (HB551) met with little enthusiasm during the zoom meeting on February 12th. My guess is they are not worried about the poor overburdened AG’s Office Elections Unit. You know, the public servants who will never test the failed Dominion AccuVote OS machines for tampering.

Bob Guida

The Windham Incident Deception

Seeking to quell the growing political clamor resulting from its refusal to look into the Windham Incident, the Attorney General’s office has now publicly claimed that it is “investigating” the matter. This is a misleading half-truth.