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House Election Committee Seems Ambivalent About Voter Fraud


A one-sentence bill to make our Statewide Voter Database Public (HB551) met with little enthusiasm during the zoom meeting on February 12th. My guess is they are not worried about the poor overburdened AG’s Office Elections Unit. You know, the public servants who will never test the failed Dominion AccuVote OS machines for tampering.

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If the Elections Unit Eunuchs can’t test questionable machines that missed over 1,200 little black dots on a General Election and that same unit can’t cope with thousands of returned mailed envelopes of out-of-state voters – what is it the Elections Unit Eunuchs do?

Reporter Tony Schinella of Concord Patch wrote a Feb. 12, 2017, well-researched article about the AG’s failure to investigate easily accessible voter fraud evidence – going back to 2012.

There were thousands of un-opened returned letters from out-of-state voters piled in boxes in their office.

Brian Buonamano, an assistant attorney general with the NH AG’s Office and the point person on investigating elections, said on Friday after an initial investigation into tens of thousands of affidavits in 2012, the effort was abandoned.

“It was extremely burdensome, and we basically couldn’t manage it,” he said last week. “There’s no staff to do those investigations.”

“There’s no staff…”

Pardon me, but there are 1.3 million people in NH. Among them, there are intelligent people who could check those envelopes if only they were made public, as required by our NH State Constitution.

There is no compelling state interest in keeping those returned letters from non-citizens or the same information found public on voter checklists in every NH municipality, out of view of the citizens of this state.

People ask, “What can I do?”

Well, contact your State Rep. and the Election Law Committee:

Rep. Barbara Griffin
(Republican-NH Hillsborough 6) Chair

Rep. Wayne MacDonald
(Republican-NH Rockingham 5) Vice-Chair

Rep. Paul Bergeron
(Democratic-NH Hillsborough 29) Member

Rep. Ross Berry
(Republican-NH Hillsborough 44) Member

Rep. David Cote
(Democratic-NH Hillsborough 31) Member

Rep. Mary Freitas
(Democratic-NH Hillsborough 14) Member

Rep. Fenton Groen
(Republican-NH Strafford 23) Member

Rep. Joan Hamblet
(Democratic-NH Rockingham 31) Member

Rep. Heidi Hamer
(Democratic-NH Hillsborough 17) Member

Rep. Peter Hayward
(Republican-NH Strafford 1) Member

Rep. Connie Lane
(Democratic-NH Merrimack 12) Member

Rep. Maureen Mooney
(Republican-NH Hillsborough 21) Member

Rep. Russell Muirhead
(Democratic-NH Grafton 12) Member

Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien
(Republican-NH Rockingham 6) Member

Rep. Jim Qualey
(Republican-NH Cheshire 11) Member

Rep. Catt Sandler
(Democratic-NH Strafford 21) Member

Rep. Joe Sweeney
(Republican-NH Rockingham 8) Member

Rep. Peter Torosian
(Republican-NH Rockingham 14) Member

Rep. Gerry Ward
(Democratic-NH Rockingham 28) Member

Rep. Natalie Wells
(Republican-NH Merrimack 25) Clerk

Don’t let a chance to clean up NH voter fraud slip by.

The AG’s Election Eunuchs are experts at foot-dragging.