Breaking: NH AG Tells Gov. Sununu, It's OK to Take the 27 Million: Biden COVID Mandates Will Not Bind NH ... - Granite Grok

Breaking: NH AG Tells Gov. Sununu, It’s OK to Take the 27 Million: Biden COVID Mandates Will Not Bind NH …

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We have a troubled history here in New Hampshire when it comes to the office of the Attorney General. Any AG, really. Jackpot justice. Ignoring systemic voter and election fraud. And now this. The AG just told the Governor what he wants to hear.

Take the 27 million and ignore the strings attached. The AG’s memo is here along with two exhibits, Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Screen grabbed from the Grant Memo.

NH AG DHHS Grant Memo Response


In other words, it’s boilerplate, as the Governor suggested and we should just calm the heck down.

I’m not inclined to believe or agree but I think this will likely tip the scales in the Governors’ favor with Executive Councilors. As for me, I’d love to see a third-party evaluation and recommendations. By which I mean a legal team with no horse in the race, dog in the fight, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Impartial confirmation by an unbiased third party.

Or a biased one against, actually – because if they find they agree with the NH Ag, well, I suppose the only real objection we might have is that a) given that this flu has an over 99% survival/recovery rate, and b) there are less invasive, safe, and successful treatments, then c) there are better uses for 27 million dollars America doesn’t even have than this.

Read them yourself and let us know what you think.

AG’s memo – Exhibit AExhibit B.