People Have Been Paying More Attention to NH Voter Fraud Since the “Windham Scandal.” - Granite Grok

People Have Been Paying More Attention to NH Voter Fraud Since the “Windham Scandal.”

1200 Elm St Manchester

People have been complaining about New Hampshire voter fraud since the “Windham Scandal.” Damn right, they should.

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Much of that scandal has turned to, “Why won’t the:

  1. NH AG investigate it.
  2. NH AG’s Elections Unit do its job.
  3. The (since the beginning of time) Secretary of State step in.
  4. Ballot Law Commission do something, anything.
  5. Dominion/Diebold/Global/Smartmatic/ES&S/Canada/Venezuela cluster much, give the short, proven, remotely believable reason, they MUST know – why the simple optical scanner shorted four Republican candidates a total of 1,200 votes. Just in case you might want to try figuring out how many “separate” companies and countries program or run our US ballot-counting machines.
  6. Oh, I almost forgot. We have a Republican governor.

How about we take a look at an old Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers investigation onto another suppressed voting issue: Out-of-state campaign workers who vote here illegally.

Set that Way-Back Machine…


To:  2012, when up and coming left-wing campaign activists huddled together at 1200 Elm St. in Manchester. Hundreds of non-citizen activists do this every general election.


On Rich Girard’s radio program on, WLMW 90.7 FM, we outed them – over and over for several years, every Wednesday morning.

The article above exposed just one such unit at 1200 Elm.

It looks like in 2020 they are now mostly in Nashua, as well as private voter fraud nests around the state.

We will keep you updated.

You won’t like it.