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The Gov. of Nevada did Not Ban Hydroxychloroquine

One of the dangers of this hobby is an eagerness to share “news” without chasing stories to their source. We all fall prey to it now and again. A headline to copy with no links should be considered suspicious. Like the one about Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada banning Hydroxychloroquine.


Bernie Sweeps to Victory in Nevada While Biden Gets a Lifeline

2020 is shaping up to be a hard lesson for the political elites. If the Bernie Juggernaut keeps this momentum the candidates of choice will both be non-establishment outsiders. The Democrats, of course, will do all in their power to keep Bernie off their ticket. But what does that look like?

Turner & Amodei Win – Referendum?

You know as well as I that it is only a referendum when a Democrat wins, so the special elections to fill two US House seats, the ones that resulted in two Republican Wins, not a referendum. Dope slap, bitch slap, slam dunk, home run, owned; these are more appropriate descriptions of what happened last night, particularly in the cold blue underbelly of the Big Apple.