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Bernie Sweeps to Victory in Nevada While Biden Gets a Lifeline


2020 is shaping up to be a hard lesson for the political elites. If the Bernie Juggernaut keeps this momentum the candidates of choice will both be non-establishment outsiders. The Democrats, of course, will do all in their power to keep Bernie off their ticket. But what does that look like?

I’ve painted this picture a few times to people who have asked. To folks inside politics and out. It looks like Sanders could lead the way into what should not be a brokered convention but will. In round two of the voting, the Super Delegates vote for anyone but Sanders.  Bernie’s bros burn Milwaukee to the ground.

If Bernie is the primary leader and does not get the nod we won’t have to wait until November to see what another loss for the left will look like. The ugly will spill out all over at the Democrat convention.

And the journey to that theoretical end took a huge step forward yesterday. (Results as of this morning.)

Democrat Nevada Caucus 2020

Bernie, Buttigieg, Biden. Bloomberg (more ‘B’s) wasn’t on the ballot. Steyer, like Bloomberg, pouring money down a hole they could have used to feed homeless vets (but they’d rather do that with someone else’s money).

Flash-in-the-pan Klobuchar’s moment has passed.

And the Republicans in Nevada did not hold a Caucus this year. They stand pat with Donald Trump.

South Carolina is next, followed by Super Tuesday after which we should have a very clear picture of who should drop out, though some won’t because “brokered conventions.”

Be sure to order lots of popcorn with your disposable medical facemasks. You’ll need the latter to keep the soot from the fires from getting into your lungs when the yellow-vest-left loses their collectivist minds.

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