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Three States Have More Missing Ballots Than Biden’s Margin of “Victory”

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The number of ballots returned versus those mailed out is adding up quickly. In at least three states, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, the difference exceeds Joe Biden’s margin of “victory.”


Wisconsin authorities cannot account for 76,000 ballots, von Spakovsky stated. “They don’t know what happened to them,” he said. “In other words, voters requested an absentee ballot, or [Wisconsin officials] simply decided — in some places in Wisconsin — to simply mail out absentee ballots to everybody, and the ballot never came back, so it’s unaccounted for. These are the official numbers of the election commission [in Wisconsin], and we don’t know what happened to them. We don’t know if [the ballots] got lost [or] if they were stolen and somebody didn’t get to vote.”

“This didn’t just happen in Wisconsin. … The margin of victory in Arizona for Joe Biden was only a little over 10,000 votes. Maricopa County alone has admitted that they sent 110,000 mail-in or absentee ballots to what turned out to be the wrong addresses,” he continued


Somebody ‘spot me’ on this if they think what I’m lifting is too heavy but should this not be a huge concern for the “every vote count” folks? You know who they are. Not the “every legal vote” but the “every vote” people who are mostly noisemakers on the left and their water carriers.

In New Hampshire, your address doesn’t even matter to them. A temporary residence like the college dorm of a student from California who (maybe) pays out-of-state tuition rates has a right – in their mind- to have their vote counted here.


“There are literally tens of thousands of ballots out there floating around, and we don’t know what happened to them,” he concluded.


I look forward to the systemic outrage from the concerned citizens on the left about what is being done to make sure these votes are found and counted because, as you may have heard, every vote counts.

No, I don’t, because they don’t care about that; they only care about counting votes that ensure their guy, gal, they, them, whatever wins an office.

But the next time you hear them say they want to make sure every vote counts, ask them about these votes?