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Turner & Amodei Win – Referendum?

You know as well as I that it is only a referendum when a Democrat wins, so the special elections to fill two US House seats, the ones that resulted in two Republican Wins, not a referendum.  Dope slap, bitch slap, slam dunk, home run, owned; these are more appropriate descriptions of what happened last night, particularly in the cold blue underbelly of the Big Apple. Democrats Lose

So the more epic win is NY-9, where Anthony Weiner once tweeted.  To say it is traditionally a Democrat stronghold is to understate things.  It has been 90 years since they elected a Republican to congress.  Turnout is not a factor. You simply cannot win NY-9 without winning Democrats.   Maybe they are looking for change they can believe in?  Why else abandon the party to which they have hewed so strongly for nearly a century unless you want to make some kind of statement?

Given the way things are going for Obama, Gunrunner, Solyndra, a slew of congressional and ethics investigations, the endless whining and blaming of others, late night hosts turning the words ‘Jobs Plan’ into a punch line, and losing a 90 year old House seat, they’ll have to stock up on more hair color for The One.

Yes, feel free to send that one over to AttackWatch.com.

I honestly don’t blame Obama.  I blame the entire left-wing apparatus, their media homunculus, and the guilt ridden, race-pimp, victim class culture that convinced the unprepared masses to elevate this nobody, do nothing, voting present, on the job-training, affirmative-action-Barbie President.

Now that might turn up at AttackWatch,com.

See, sometimes you just need to try a little harder.

So there’s more than a few things to read about Black Tuesday.  To save you some time, here are a few remarks from around the web on the race, the results, and what (if anything) they mean.


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