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NH Democrats Want To Make Your Vote for President Meaningless


Colorado just passed a law to give away its sovereignty. By signing on with the national popular vote scam highly urban areas controlled by liberals can decide who Colorado chooses for President. Colorado is mostly rural. If New Hampshire were to pass such a bill, we’d be a colony of New York.

With a population of just over 1.3 million the primary system would change. Candidates would only visit large liberal cities. Sprawling urban areas. New York (8 million), Chicago (2.7 million), Los Angeles (10 million). Candidates and their policies would appeal to those voters.

A great example of this indifference in action is New York State.

New York City is so densely populated and so liberal it keeps the entire state forever leaning left by moving the needle on gubernatorial races. That’s forever at this point. No Republican who isn’t a Democrat will ever hold that office again.

People who have the means or opportunity (and disagree) are leaving the state — going to where? Places less like New York. But National popular vote makes that exercise pointless which is why Liberals love it.

New York has a massive debt problem. Spending is out of control. The far-left is getting more bold, pushing candidates like Ocasio-Cortez along with her more socialist policies. More government power. Less power for the citizens.

New York Cities popular vote would make New Hampshire meaningless on the political map. So would Boston and Providence combined (800,000+). Or, Colorado’s (5.6 million).

The Electoral College protects New Hampshire’s sovereignty.

States created the Federal government, not individuals. States choose presidents. People in each state, separate, and independently.

The National Popular vote erases that distinction. If you think liberals don’t think that matters ask them what they think of Mr. Trump. With National Popular vote you’ll likely never see another Republican president, ever. And the Left could nominate candidates more radical than Obama. Judges. Appointees. Forever.

Talk about America Never being Great Again.

And yes, Democrats in New Hampshire want to take that away. Give your voice to urban tax and spenders in places like New York City. House Bill HB 541 adopts the interstate agreement to elect the president by national popular vote.” It was retained in committee. Probably for public relations reasons.  The optics are bad right now. 

But if and when Democrats think they can pass it, if you keep electing them, they will. 

And New Hampshire will no longer matter.

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