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Tucker Carlson Screen Grab - Why SO Many Beleive the election was rigged.

Rigged! – “Why So Many Trump Supporters Have Questions About The 2020 Election…

Historian and Podcaster Darrel Cooper is about to get a lot of attention from the left, and bless him for it. In a series of tweets read on air by Tucker Carlson (below), he succinctly itemizes why Trump supporters have no reason to believe anything the Establishment or their media tells them about anything, especially …

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Rise of the moors tweet pic

Terrorists in Massachusetts

Eleven members of the “Rise of the Moors,” an armed Islamic fundamentalist group from Rhode Island, held off MA. State police along Rt.95 in Wakefield.  They were traveling to Maine for “training” and not only illegally armed but had no driver’s licenses.

Romans cross the river

“Mr. President, Cross That Rubicon” –

Posted in it’s entirety: “Aside from the crushing socialism, the overweening global warmist religious fanaticism, the stench of tens of thousands of homeless insaniac drunkards and dopeheads shipped here from every other state, and the tidal wave of illegal immigrants from 20 other nations, there are a bare few advantages to living here in Calestine …

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Washington Post

Sure, “Unity” is a Thing for Democrats

Every time I think of Dementia Joe calling for “Unity” once the Democrat mouthpieces in the MSM called the Prez race for him, my eyebrows keep rising.

What if Trump Wins?

What if Trump Wins? … Prosperity Returns

America is at a crossroads. Most people recognize there is revolution at our doorstep. On one side are the Patriots. They are people seeking to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. They are conservatives and classic liberals. This group will vote for Trump.


AP Makes it Official – We’re Covering Up for the Rioters

This is a constant refrain from me – the Left is always trying to bastardize, redefine, and weaponize what used to be our common language to move their agenda forward. You name it, any word that’s now used in politics has a far different meaning to the Left than we Normals.