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Data Point – Who Trusts the Media the Most?

Data point

My question is why does ANYONE trust the media at all?


Gallup American trust in media by political party


My take on this is Democrats trust the Media FAR more than Republicans because the vast majority of the Media can be summed up in one phrase: “Democrats with bylines.” It’s a self-segregating, recursive, and self-congratulatory echo chamber.  Far more than what is happening on the Right from what I see from the chart.

Sure, I hear the Left claiming that we have our own echo chamber and it is true. But what is also true is that we on the Right know far more about the Left than the other way around BECAUSE we aren’t just looking to see what the Right is yakking about, we’re also seeing what the Left is babbling about as well.

But it is clear that self-selection is happening and the MSM is getting its just deserts for abandoning 50% of its (former) potential audience.

Even as I believe a lot of our readers trust us because we have been consistent all these years, I still tell people to double-check us as well. Follow our links, review our links/sources, and then make your own decisions and assessments. And tell us when we’re wrong factually (opinions are flexible). And when we do screw up, we’re upfront about it – no hiding our apologies on page 3,954 on Saturday’s dead tree version.


(H/T: Gallup via NewsBusters)