Unethical Leftist Mobs Wouldn't Know Justice if it Fell on Them - Granite Grok

Unethical Leftist Mobs Wouldn’t Know Justice if it Fell on Them

Trigglypuff the SJW

I think it must now be clear to even the dullest wits that the activities of the “Social Justice Warriors” has nothing whatsoever to do with or any relationship to justice, no way, no how. It’s a cliche; a scam used to excuse excessive actions, even criminal behaviors by the unethical leftist mobs who wouldn’t know justice if it fell on them.

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Their demands are absurd, never-ending, and no matter how many concessions society gives them, they will always demand more.

It’s not about rights; it’s all about power, and the more power they get, the more they want, our mainstream media is a perfect example of this. For decades our media filtered the news and events, channeled the opinions of the citizens, made or broke political candidates. These puppet-masters have lost power with the election of President Trump, so desperately they are trying to destroy him.

Cheerleading and justifying criminal rioting, burning, and looting by certified terrorists, Antifa and BLM, as some kind of noble actors which they are not, they are criminals who also kill and murder. Such short memories or just the refusal to acknowledge the truth that BLM was born out of a lie by a criminal, and its sole purpose was to justify the killing of police officers?

Antifa (anti-fascist) is another lie which has taken the model direct from the 1930’s SA, the Nazi thugs who attacked, beat and murdered not only Jews but any and ever political opponent they could find, Yes they burned, looted too just as our modern “heroes of the left” do today. So their claims are as phony as they are. It is terrorism plain and simple and needs to be eradicated.

By the way, I’m still waiting for some leftist Trump hater to provide myself and readers here with actual evidence of the criminality they claim our president has committed. Not some unfounded accusation, slander or smear, but real court acceptable evidence. I’ve been challenging the left for more than three years to present this, but so far, only more lies smears and slanders. Here is your big chance — put up or shut up.

And the beat goes on; more thugs are out trying to destroy history. One bunch was trying to destroy a statue of an early Spanish explorer, and a guy named Steven Ray Baca objected. True to character, the mob turned on him (Google it), and one champion of the left let fly with a skateboard at Baca’s head, Baca’s down, and the mob attacks. Well Williams gets shot, Baca arrested put in jail, but for now, charges have been dropped. How will this turn out, who knows? Just can’t make up this stuff.