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Quick Takes: Hat Trick

Three quick-hit style bits of news & commentary. First, Thirteen Cuban refugees make it to Key West in a small rustic boat, are arrested upon arrival.

Welcome to New Hampshire

The Great Relocation

Spring 2020, when I saw the CV19 restrictions and all the societal unrest, I told my wife the nation is about to undergo a massive shift. Polarization is coming, I told her, and we need to capitalize on it.

Demorrhoids destroy everything they touch

The Democrat Party Destroys Everything They Touch

You have read it here dozens if not hundreds of times. Democrats destroy everything they touch. Families, cities, governments. There is no shortage of examples, many recently exacerbated by their incompetent handling of COVID19, “peaceful” protests, energy, and forest management.

German Hillary and her Canadian Girlfriend

German Hillary Says Trump is Destroying the New World Order

The open borders and global redistribution of (mostly) American wealth folks are not happy. Making America Great Again has inspired grassroots movements all over the planet. Citizens are asking questions. Like, can we deal with our poor and our problems before inviting in any more? Then electing leaders who agree. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets credit …

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As the people of California destroy their state…

…could there be a place for their escaping businesses in New Hampshire? Read an interesting book review of “Crazifornia: Tales from the Tarnished State — How California is Destroying itself, and Why it Matters.” (As is often the case, the commentary following the article is even more enlightening than the review itself.) (h/t to Instapundit.)