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German Hillary Says Trump is Destroying the New World Order

German Hillary and her Canadian Girlfriend

The open borders and global redistribution of (mostly) American wealth folks are not happy. Making America Great Again has inspired grassroots movements all over the planet. Citizens are asking questions. Like, can we deal with our poor and our problems before inviting in any more? Then electing leaders who agree. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets credit for hinting that Mr. Trump’s brand of politics is the problem. And the New World Order is suffering for it.

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German leader Angela Merkel said that multilateralism was under threat and said that protectionism is not the answer to the world’s problems.

Multilateralism in this context presupposes that no one cares about how much they are getting screwed. Mr. Trump comes along and says hey, did you see this? You’re getting screwed. Elect me, and I’ll try to fix it. 

The Screwing of America

The globalist ruling-class, which includes American Leftists, have been in on the con forever. The Never-Trump Republicans, previously known colloquially as NeoCons, are in on it too. The collective screwing over of Americans. The trade pacts are part of it. UN refugee programs. Porous borders. A raft of foreign aid agreements. And every Green-the-earth-plot from Kyoto to Paris. All of them seek to use government (or global government) to squeeze wealth out of Americans and redistribute it around the planet.

Not by asking but by telling, and taking.

Mr. Trump is interfering. He’s slashed the tires on the free ride, and he’d like “to sell” the parts for scrap. But he’s willing to make a deal. A more mutually beneficial deal. And what makes that so damn funny is that Merkel and company are pissed because the change in US posture is reducing any gross advantage they have. Long story short, they are mad because they think they are getting screwed.

TheCo-Dependent Abusive Relationship

They’d be happy to pretend that their pseudo-socialist democracies can run happily along absent the American market but they can’t. Their governments are in hock, and they need the revenue. And Trade War™ talk is cheap. There is very little that happens in Europe that the US can’t do without – because it can make it here.

They need the American’s they hate to keep the lights on and to fund their globalist machinations. Trump isn’t all that interested in either. But that is not protectionism or unilateralism. Trump isn’t saying he wants nothing to do with the world. He’s using the economic leverage we’ve always had to the get the world’s boot off our neck. 

More from Merkel.

She attributed increasing populism and polarization to both the eurozone crisis and migration crisis seen in Europe over the last few years following an influx of refugees but said Germany would not shrink from the world stage.

Germany’s migration crisis includes terrorism, murder, and rape. In the US the Globalist plan lead to the rise of violent gangs, narco-terrorists, the opioid crisis, and infectious diseases we’d not seen here in decades. But the “indigenous” citizens – the one’s paying freight, are xenophobe’s and racists if they question this? No.

“Germany wishes to be a country that lends its contribution in the future to solve the problems of the world together, we think that shutting ourselves off and isolating ourselves will not lead us into a good future. Protectionism is not the proper answer,” she said.

Managing Borders and Trade is Not Isolationism

Again, no one is shutting off anything. Nations, like people, have an identity. A culture. The thing that, in the case of America, inspires others to come here. But if those who come refuse to embrace that then the character changes. The country begins to become something else.

In the case of America, the Globalists would like it to be another crappy European nation with a sluggish economy. We’d be another functional economic alcoholic. With a diluted sense of self. With all the problems that have plagued Europe for centuries- which is also funny. Sure, it will give them the appearance of being able to compete. But if America isn’t producing how do they expect to milk it? The promise of Socialist income equality is shared misery. Mr. Trump objects.