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Tim Condon

I’ve been political my entire life, starting out with Barry Goldwater and The Conscience of a Conservative in the1960's. In 1967 I enlisted in the U.S. Marines for four years, spending nearly two of them in South Vietnam. In 1972 I was a Florida presidential elector for Prof. John Hospers, the first Presidential candidate of the national Libertarian Party which was founded that same year. During the late 1970's and into the 1980's I was a contributing editor and monthly columnist for Reason magazine, and I’ve authored numerous articles in the print and online media about various subjects relating to individual rights and personal freedom. Today I'm a lawyer by profession; I divide my time between New Hampshire and Florida all year long, spending much of my time practicing law in Florida. As an early supporter and past member of the board of directors of the Free State Project, I was drawn to the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire in late 2003 when it was chosen by a vote of the first 5,000 FSP participants. In 2004 I founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and continue today to work within the state political system to advance the traditional NH values of frugal small government, low taxes, small business, free enterprise, and self-responsibility. To all, I say "Come and see what we are building in the beautiful, healthy, livable Free State of New Hampshire!"

About Sarah Palin’s Third Party musings…

…this just in from a member of the NH state House of Representatives (who shall remain unnamed, thankyouverymuch); s/he responded to my posting about third party musings by Palin (see the post below): Tim, I agree with you. I am a conservative more than a Republican. However…

Palin and the possibility of a Third Party….

I’m a Republican through-and-thr0ugh, so I don’t endorse the idea. In fact, it could ensure endless Democrat electoral victories…but I’m wondering what everyone else thinks. At 3:55 in the video below Sarah Palin reflects on what might happen if the Republican  Party “continues to ignore conservatives”; what do you think?

Death by Gun Control….

One of the issues supported by statists everywhere is  “gun control.” In fact, a rolling caravan came into New Hampshire the other day to “read the names of victims of gun violence” (courtesy of New York city’s fake Republican Michael Bloomberg, among others). Well…does anyone besides me wonder why they don’t travel around reading the …

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