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Will WRBA and ICE Be Plane-Hopping Infected Illegals Into New Hampshire?


The government announced it was opening the borders without any consideration to the problems that might create. If you’d like a real-world run-down on what those might be, read any accusation tossed at Donald Trump about the border, and you’ll have your answer.

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Every Immigration problem they laid at Donald Trump’s feet, which he inherited and then alleviated with executive actions and border policy, has returned in just a few weeks after the installation of Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA).

It is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportion, complete with kids in cages (that ObamaBiden had built).

And while Trump had to address the matter of mitigating the transmission of third-world disease carried by border crossers, WRBA has opened our doors to that and what the Left might call, were a Democrat, not president, a pandemic super-spreader event.

Southern border states are overwhelmed with the human and public health crisis created by WRBA policy. The solution, if you can call it that, is to deploy them from the Souther border to States with facilities along the Northern border, when it is not more convenient to just let them loose across the fruited plain.

New Hampshire’s Strafford County House of Corrections had been ICE qualified to garrison illegal entrants (in the past)while they await processing or, more likely, release into “gen-pop.”

We should expect that they will use that capacity to alleviate what WRBA calls not a crisis but a ‘stressful challenge,’ but I believe the term you are looking for is “man-caused disaster.”

If that Obama-Era euphemism rustles your jimmies, how about a “primarily-progressive-produced-problem.”

A Biden-Induced Disaster.

Democrat ‘leadership.’

A Get out the vote campaign? Twenty-four more non-residents from a half-dozen different countries were just arrested and charged with voting illegally in North Carolina.

Whatever you call it the human suffering and potential public health disaster – if we’re playing by their rules and we are – is deliberate and unnecessary, but proof of Democrat’s willingness to mislead or misuse human beings for political advantage.


Authors Note: ICE had previously approved the Strafford County House of Corrections for illegal immigrant detainees per the linked Fosters.com article. This does not mean they are planning to do this now or in the future just that given the circumstances and this administration it could and maybe tasked for that purpose.

Image: the infamous Obama-Era Kids in Cages™.