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BLM Co-Founder Buys $1.4 Million Home In Nearly All-White Neighborhood.

This, which was published on April 9th: The reason I am posting about it NOW is that FACEBOOK recently censored an article by the New York Post that revealed this was just one of several high-priced properties in exclusive areas that was purchased by the self-proclaimed Marxist: Big tech is covering for liberal activists and …

BLM Co-Founder Buys $1.4 Million Home In Nearly All-White Neighborhood. Read More »

We Stand in Solidarity

We Stand in Solidarity

Okay, this is clearly Marxist political posturing. The unions engaging in threatening strikes are doing several things. They are using members’ dues money for political action not related to the direct benefit of their membership.

The Party of Biden or The Party of Washington

The Democrat Party Is Schizophrenic

Democrats today appear schizophrenic. On the one hand, there are a minority of traditional Democrats. They embrace things like the Martin Luther King approach to race. The traditional nuclear family is important to them. They hold close their religious views which are largely Judeo-Christian.

Portland Marxists Riots

Third World Solutions in a First-World Society

America today is a perfect illustration of the application of third world solutions in a first-world society. Marxists in the US are trying to leverage the immediate righting of everything they see as wrong. They badger the people who own and operate the offending organization.

Wanna See a Leftist Backpedal?

Yesterday, Merrimack State Rep Rosemarie Rung (contact info) called Trump supporters traitors (here) because the President visited North Korea. Now, wouldn’t you think that after the past 20+ years of war and conflict, this sort of diplomacy would be applauded over saber-rattling and war-mongering? But if Trump had instead decided to call an airstrike on …

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