Violent Antifa Leader/Berkeley Middle-School Teacher Loses in Court Again - Granite Grok

Violent Antifa Leader/Berkeley Middle-School Teacher Loses in Court Again


Antifa is a Marxist Communist gang. Their goal is to move everyone and everything as far left as possible. Violence is not only acceptable; it is required. Democrats rarely mention any of that and avoid it when they must, which suggests they are okay with all of it.

Which they are, by the way.

The media helps. By not reporting it there’s nothing to see. But there is. Antifa is all over, and violent, often.

Folks digging into this, like Judicial Watch, get the benefit of details no liberal resource would dream of reporting.

In California, for example, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), is an Antifa gang chapter founded by the Marxist Revolutionary Workers League. Their goal, if you weren’t sure, is to advance the socialist-communist agenda, “by any means necessary.”

One of their leaders is Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District. You read that right. She’s “teaching” children. This is Berkeley, so it’s entirely possible she’s the token ‘moderate.’

Felarca has been charged with Felony assault and inciting a riot. Judicial Watch issued a public document request with the Berkeley Unified School District for any communications that mention  Felarca, Antifa, or BAMN.

Felarca sued to block the release. That didn’t go so well.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, Northern District of California, who had previously ruled that Felarca’s lawsuit was “entirely frivolous,” wrote in his ruling awarding legal fees to Judicial Watch that Felarca and her co-plaintiffs’ First Amendment claims were “premised on the obviously baseless assumption” that the First Amendment condemns the speech of some while condoning the ideological missions of others.

Judge Chhabria added that “The plaintiffs also mischaracterized the documents under review” and that the plaintiffs “failed to grapple with the role Ms. Felarca played in making herself a topic of public discourse through her physical conduct at public rallies and her voluntary appearance on Fox News.”

Felarca has been ordered to pay Court and legal fees for her frivolous suit to the tune of $26,000.00.

I wonder how much they pay felonious Marxist Middle School Teachers in Berkley or will some left-wing dark money savior like Soros or one of his tentacles cover this tab?

And are they also covering (per Judicial Watch) the $11,000.00 in legal/court fees from a separate frivolous suit filed by Felarca against the head of the Berkley College Republicans?

This ladies got a lot of free time when she’s not “correcting papers.”