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Patriot with AR-15 1

Notable Quote – Operation Gaslight-to-the-End?

Their tactics…our response? Reformatted, emphasis mine: …This event was complicated.  Among other things, it highlighted how differently the police may respond to one group and not another. Antifa and BLM were allowed to destroy huge swaths of many cities across America, rioting with impunity using firearms, bats, bricks, fireworks, Molotov cocktails, fists, and just about anything you …

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unhinged democrats

Submission, Conversion, or War!

In Robert Spencer’s The History of Jihad, you find that across time (from Muhammad to ISIS, as the subtitle goes), just about every interaction with Islam can be reduced to one simple phrase. Submission, Conversion, or war.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

This. Is. Fascism.

As we find ourselves bogged down by petty tyrants and local lords wielding emergency powers repugnant to both liberty and the constraints of state and federal constitutions this passage might help us explore the real threat (and it’s not a virus).

Pick a peaceful protest

Black Lives Matter – BLM Leaders Saying what they Really Are

When the real “peaceful protests” started to not be peaceful at all, and when you couldn’t tell the BLM rioters from the Antifa ones, we shouldn’t have been surprised. I try to take people at their word when they are saying something “important” (as opposed to noticeably just joking around).