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Seattle, Public School, White-Math, Privilege, and Oppression

Seattle is majority white. Sorry, I meant majority white-guilt. Three-quarters of the population is not a minority by the left’s definition. (66% white, 10% Asian.) And because white everything is oppressive, the public-school system has adopted the new (new) [NEW] Social Justice math.


Is it Time to Start Talking About Communism Again?

Ten years ago, “socialism” was still a dirty word on both sides of the political aisle. Leftists deflected accusations of socialism as an expression of old-fashioned right-wing paranoia (and racism!), while right-of-center pundits avoided it like a third rail.

The Fork in the Road

The Democrat presidential hopefuls are a Marxist lot. Even Joe Biden agrees they are all socialists. They are willing not only to accept but to promote open borders, cancelled college debt, tax-funded health care for illegal aliens and the Green New Deal… all without a thought to affordability. They want to eliminate private health insurance, …

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Notable Quote – Karl Popper

For in our own time, the earlier, naturalistic revolution against God replaced the name ‘God’ by the name ‘Nature’. Almost everything else was left unchanged. Theology, the Science of God, was replaced by the Science of Nature; God’s laws by the laws of Nature; God’s will and power by the will and power of Nature …

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