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Apple pie

Apple Pie is Racist

If everything is racist, nothing is. Thankfully racism against white people – according to the systemic CRT Black Supremacy Complex – isn’t racist. It is but not to them. It’s not bullying either, but then it is.  And Apple Pie (In America) is Racist ‘cuz reasons.

CRT - bad for your kids

Hollis Explores Critical Race Theory

An all-star panel of speakers from around the state, as well as legislators sponsoring and supporting HB544, designed to stop teaching of Critical Race Theory, spoke to a group of over 100 townsfolk in Hollis on May 6th. Presented in order of appearance, with a final wrap-up by Kent Blumenshine and Sue Homola.


Americans Can No Longer Remain Silent

Critical Race Theory is the latest element from the Left to promote hatred and division in America. It is completely racist itself and a total lie beginning to end. Consider: