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Sen Ben Sasse

What Some Nitwit Said to Satisfy His Fringy Base

We have an abundance of material that fits into the nitwit said to their fringy base category. Today’s lesson comes courtesy of Senator Ben Sasse. The nitwit is Bobby O’Rourke. That fringy base consists of Democrat primary voters. Our topic is religious freedom.


Log Cabin Republicans Play Jenga

by Stephen Scaer  | The NH Log Cabin Republicans want the state GOP to join them in playing Jenga with civilization by removing the marriage plank from its platform.  Bad idea.

Couple Father Mother Baby Shoes

Marriage and Poverty: The Most Vital Sign

by Stephen Scaer  | In Mark Hayward’s July 7 Union Leader article, “Manchester gets a checkup. Public health director reports on city’s vital signs,” misses the most crucial ‘vital sign.’ What percent of Manchester children are born in wedlock and are being raised by their biological mothers and fathers? 

Surprise! “Hook-up App” Tinder Discourages Bashing Virginity

If you have not already heard about Tinder, it is a dating app. It has mostly become known for its culture of casual dating and “hooking up” “Recently, Tinder sent out their weekly newsletter, one that I got word of, which included a surprising article that took me by surprise.

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You Are Worth the Wait

The Holidays are both a very merry time of year, as it should be, but also a very depressing and sad time for many. There are many people who are blessed to spend time with their family and friends, while others feel completely left out. This is especially true for single men and women. Those …

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Why Celibacy Matters

Our nation has strayed so far from what it used to be. Our morality has eroded, and the results are devastating. I’m 29 years of age and I have grown up in this culture which, since my teenage years, has embraced just about every kind of immoral act you can think of, with the exception …

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NH Republicans Decide The Hill to Die on is Letting Men Use the Ladies Room

Why are the illuminated Establishment political lights in the NHGOP and GOP, several of whom should know better, pitching a cultural Marxist progressive issues “tent” in front of legislators and elected Republican Delegates when the electorate is more interested in expanding jobs, protecting tax reform, economic growth, and national security issues with a local impact like the opioid …

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