Palate Cleanser: Married 38 years - you think *I* know? - Granite Grok

Palate Cleanser: Married 38 years – you think *I* know?

Yes, I chuckled because sometimes it CAN seem that way.  Best is the “FINE!” retort – man, are you in deep sneakers!  And the “I don’t care” said several times is a ‘tell’ that TMEW DOES care but I’m not going to find out how, over what, and when.  I’ve been told I’ve above average intelligence – beats the whack out of me at times.  I HAVE learned the tells (er, maybe most of them) but not the meanings of them because they often depend on a context that I may or may not understand.

And in my house, “Yes Dear”, even said in a most innocent and “trying to please” tone should not ever be uttered.

I may be the head of the household but often she’s in charge.  Any husband or wife that have been married this long will see this as a truism – you just have to make it work. After all, marriage is NEVER 50-50%; it MUST be 110-110%.

Which should tell you something else of great importance.

Forgot: how much fun WOULD it be to actually drive that puppy….