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What Some Nitwit Said to Satisfy His Fringy Base

Sen Ben Sasse

We have an abundance of material that fits into the nitwit said to their fringy base category. Today’s lesson comes courtesy of Senator Ben Sasse. The nitwit is Bobby O’Rourke. That fringy base consists of Democrat primary voters. Our topic is religious freedom.

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The Beto tax would apply to any religious organization that dares to believe anything other than what Herr Beto believes. Being the final arbiter of such things, Herr Beto would punish dissenters by invalidating their tax-exempt status.

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” he said.

He means gay marriage. If you dare to disagree, unless you are Muslim (I’m assuming), the IRS is coming for you. This from the guy who said our nation was founded on white supremacy.

Actually, it was founded on religious liberty, which is colorblind. And revoking the tax status of black Christian churches, of which there are many, based on your marriage supremacy, seems a tad racist.

Pasty-white, wealthy Irish, Booby-O might want to rethink his liberal privilege because it looks a lot like white privilege with a patina of social justice hypocrisy.

If people of color are not permitted to exercise their faith as their conscience dictates, is there anything else you’d deny them to feed you angry liberal gods besides their unborn children?

Everything, actually.

No form of Democrat Socialism will brook dissent by anyone on anything. So, the left’s real choice argument is no choice. Their way or no way.

Sen. Sasse challenges the idea with a question

Is it right for the United States Federal government to get into the business of policing Muslims, Jews, and Christians religious beliefs and about whether or not they are acceptable?

Absent criminal behavior, no. But Booby-o thinks it necessary to make illegal, ideas with which he disagrees politically.

Nice Tyranny you got there, be a shame if we let you create it.

In the interest of not letting that happen, Sen. Sasse had some other thoughts.

“I don’t care what some nitwit said on CNN last week to satisfy his fringey base and try to get a sound bite in a presidential debate, the American people ought to know that this body stands for the historical First Amendment — that’s what we all took an oath to uphold and to defend, and that’s what we ought to vote to affirm again.”

His full remarks are worth your time.

| Legal Insurrection

And yes, I am waiting for the trolls to say, you said this to your fringy base. And I probably did. But I’m not taking anything away from anyone or forcing them to pay for my agenda. That’d be Democrats.