Notable Quote - Susan Venker - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – Susan Venker

College Women

Trying to change the culture does not always result in the “progress” the Progressive-Socialists Feminists claim. Because change almost always keeps going past its optimal “FORWARD” and into mistake and misery. That is the hubris that THEY know what is best and not seeing or admitting their own lack of expertise.

ICYMI:  The founders focused on what we have in common not what divides us.

-Susan Venker  – College women, take heed: Prioritize marriage and family!

…Their predicament was inevitable. For one thing, modern women weren’t taught to look for a man who can provide for a wife and kids. Women are supposed to take care of themselves!

That’s the narrative with which these women were raised, so it never occurred to them to look at a man’s professional prospects.

Second, by delaying marriage indefinitely, these women wound up with fewer choices. Good men of strong character, who are conscientious and gainfully employed, tend to marry younger, family-oriented women. These women may or may not have a college degree and/or a career, but they nevertheless view work as a secondary value to their main priority: marriage and family.

Ergo, by the time the career-focused women are around 30 years of age, the pickings are slim. They can look for a man who’s as ambitious as they, and occasionally they will find him—but sheer math means many will not. So they settle on the best they can get: men who are nice and who are safe, but who lack the necessary drive to produce on behalf of their families.

And we can’t dismiss the reason why so many modern men lack drive: because they’ve failed to launch. What did we think would happen in a culture that hails women’s ambition and independence from men and tells men, both verbally and subliminally, that they’re superfluous.

The problem is that others end up “paying” for the mistake of these misguided Social Engineers. The lesson here is to allow people to choose for themselves instead of believing that the culture MUST change – and drag everyone else with them.