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Homewrecker Ilhan Omar Illegally Using Campaign Funds to Keep Her White Lover Close

Ilhan Omar and her White Sugar Daddy

Ilhan ‘The Homewrecker’ Omar continues to make the news. Her married, dangerous white devil, boy toy is a political consultant. Based on financial disclosures, he is getting “paid” to travel with her and ‘consult.’ I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it called that.

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Omar’s campaign has disbursed $223,000 to Tim Mynett’s company, E. Street Group, LLC, from August 2018 through June 2019, mostly for fundraising consulting, FEC records show. But on April 1, her campaign began making payments to E. Street Group for “travel expenses.”

Less than a week later, on April 7, Tim Mynett confessed to his wife that he was “romantically involved with and in love with” Omar, according to a divorce filing Tuesday by Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett.

Given the timing, it looks as if Omar’s campaign is paying for them to “get away” together. As in away from his wife. It sounds cute and sweet and romantic. For a party that has invested significant capital in destroying marriage, maybe they deserve a parade. But it’s also illegal.

The King and Queen of the Anti-Semites Jihadi Prom are using donor dollars to facilitate their tryst. The reporting is suspect. The use is suspicious. And to make matters worse, she failed to report whether the expenditures were for a primary or general “election.” That’s with an “l.”

Omar just recently paid a fine for campaign finance violations. And the odds are good she’ll be paying another one. And I doubt Omar even cares. She’s in a D+26 district. The only race she loses is against another Democrat and a national party that has decided she is more of a liability than an asset.

Which brings us back to her ideological sisterhood of the traveling “where did I leave my” pants? What say you? Do you still stand with law-breaking, anti-Semitic home wrecker Ilhan Omar?

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