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Rumor: The White House is Preparing a Speech To Lockdown the Nation Again…

Tree just say no Photo by Andy T on Unsplash

The inside-the-beltway scuttlebutt is that Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) is drafting a speech destined to be one of the most solemn in American political history.

DNC Globalist productions present another episode of  Shutdown/Lockdown theater. Honey, I shrunk the Economy 2!

Democrats don’t need a speech to do that; they just need to get elected.

But this is special. Solemn. The Bidenistas are preparing for the next wave of Rona PR, and it sounds like they’re ready to use the nuclear option.



Here’s a crazy idea.

Let’s not wait for the speech; let’s start now. Start what?

Start acting like Democrats do when a hint of a government shutdown looms. You’ve seen them. They lose their minds, wail, thrash, shout, and spout all sorts of things about how it would be the end of the world. What about these people and their families and their children and anyone else they pretend they care about?

That doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Drive the bus the other way.

Instead of buying toilet paper and pre-cowering, let your representatives know, especially at the state level, that we’re not shutting down jack sh!t.

Just say no to domestic tranquility abuse. You do not consent to being raped by your government.

And do it by acting like a Democrat before a looming government shutdown. Every day. Call, write, email, be relentless. They say yea; they will pay politically, and – we’re not standing down.

Put barricades around Federal offices and then go about your maskless business.

Don’t wait; start now. And start local. Let everyone know from the town or city government to county and state; you’re not having any of it. And tell your local governments they are on the hook if they let the feds do this to us again. Get their AG’s to use whatever authority we can muster to keep everything up and running.


Except for a fraction of the population, the Original Rona had a 99.8% survival rate. The Delta/variant survival rate is better. And the only survival rate any politician needs to be repeating is related to their political career if they try to pull that crap again.

Get on them now, and do not let up.

We do not consent. We will not be locked down, quarantines, masked, or force vaccinated. And you will not let them close our state borders or allow the feds to impede commerce.

And if the rumor is not true – same plan.