ICYMI: "F- Private and Religious Schools" - Rep. Tamara Le (D-North Hampton) - Granite Grok

ICYMI: “F— Private and Religious Schools” – Rep. Tamara Le (D-North Hampton)

Tamara Meyer Le

In a now deleted or hidden post first exposed by NH Journal, Education Committee Member and Democrat Representative Tamara Meyer Le (Rockingham-31, North Hampton) went on a tirade against private and religious schools, claiming “f— private and religious schools.”

Several of her Democrat colleagues liked, loved, and commented on the post.

Obviously, Tamara Meyer Le felt personally victimized by something, or someone, at some private institution. It appears one of her children has a disability, and won’t be applying for private high school with her friends. That’s not an easy position for her child to be in, surely. Must be frustrating as a parent as well.

However, as a State Representative, especially one on the Education Committee, constituents deserve better. We expect our legislators to be as unbiased as possible. A blatant bias against private and religious institutions makes Representative Le unfit for the committee she serves on, and she should be removed forthwith. I’m sure Speaker Shurtleff (email) will see to that first thing Monday morning.

“Given this exhibition of online rage, I do not believe that Rep. Le can provide any fair or objective review of policies pertaining to private and religious schools as a member of the Education Committee,” Hinch said. “House Speaker Shurtleff must remove her from the House Education Committee, and he should, in the strongest terms, condemn this type of behavior from her.”


Leader Hinch is exactly correct. How could Tamara Le possibly be fair or objective on any bill pertaining to private or religious schools? Would she, given the chance, vote to expel the approximately 29,000 students served by these organizations in New Hampshire and force them back into Public Schools? That would, after all, be “fairness” wouldn’t it?

“If public schools were getting the job done, private schools would be out of business and there’d be no reason to f*** them,” commented a Facebook user on a separate post. Which, of course, they aren’t. Check out some of Ian Underwood’s thoughts on that matter.

What will it take, New Hampshire, to stop electing Government coercion agents? Could we instead elect legislatures that seek to preserve and defend real rights and liberties? Legislators that encourage the free exchange of ideas and goods? Legislators that won’t demonize you for “wrong think?”