“Nothing But Political Cowardice, No Matter Where You Look” - Granite Grok

“Nothing But Political Cowardice, No Matter Where You Look”

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I have been continuously amused listening to the Boston AM radio talk jocks over the past few weeks (are you listening Howie Carr?). Banging their heads against their golden microphones seeking some sane rationalization for the continuing lockdowns in both MA and NH.

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They all lament the fact that, for the overwhelming majority of us, we are more likely to be killed by a lightning strike or in a car wreck than to be killed by this coronavirus. Yet these lockdowns continue. And they can’t seem to come up with any sane explanations.

What they all fail to realize is that every protected group in America, the blacks, the Latinos, the First Nations peoples, the disabled, the Illegal aliens, the homeless, the LGBTQ+XYZ crowd, all of these protected minority groups are disproportionally affected and dying from this virus. And these groups are all the core constituencies of the Democratic party. And, because they are disadvantaged and protected they have these additional rights and protections that the rest of us don‘t have. They feel that WE OWE THEM and, as far as they are concerned, the rest of us can stay in lockdown on home confinement prison until the sun don’t shine anymore if that will save just “one more” of their precious “protected minority” lives.

And things are not much better on the Republican side, whose most important political constituency are the Seniors, who are also, more obviously, being disproportionately affected by the virus. The only difference is that most of the Seniors seem to be a little more at peace with respect to meeting their Maker, and are a whole lot less militant by nature in general than are their counterpart Democratic constituencies, such that Republican Governors can move a little bit more quickly toward an eventual reopening the Red states.

Republican Governors in Blue majority states, however (Hogan, Baker, Sununu) are navigating in more turbulent waters, tiptoeing through the minefield between the toes of dancing elephants, trying to figure out how much “boom” and how much “crush” they can wither, and still survive.

So there you have it. Both parties have political constituencies that are scared out of their wits and these Governors are walking on political eggshells and are UNWILLING to show any leadership or to display any political courage, for fear of electoral blowback… i.e. “If you would have extended the lockdown just one minute longer, lives could have been saved”… UGH!

The Patriots who established this great Nation loved liberty more than they loved life itself. “Give me liberty or give me death”, “My only regret is that I have but one life to give to my Country”, and, of course “Live Free or Die” were the inspirational mottos of that era. These founders would choose to “die on their feet” rather than “live on their knees” EVERY TIME.

But we, as contemporary Americans, have become such a spoiled, coddled, pampered, risk-averse and needy people… (or should I say sheep?). And we have gotten the Government (or the spineless Shepherds?) that we deserve.