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John Lynch

The Little Governor Who Couldn’t

Governor Lynch, in a fit of impotence and self contradiction, confused his role at the states chief executive today, in a Union Leader column by Tom Fahey. In regard to the passage into law of New Hampshire HB 601 and SB 148, he remarked on one hand that…

Right To Work – “Dear State Legislator”

I realize most of the (Merrimack) town delegation supports right to work but as we approach the override vote I wanted to impart these remarks. If any business but a union demanded $50.00 every month from every employee, for benefits and used some of that money to finance its mostly one-party political action funding, there would be hell to pay. No one of any political party would support that. Now imagine if they had to do it or they could not work there?

Is John Lynch In Trouble With Democrats?

The progressive socialists who pull the big red levers at party headquarters invest a good deal of political capitol on bashing big business and the men and women who run them so how do they reconcile their figurehead democrat pimping the potential for 1500 new manufacturing jobs in the state, created by some evil, free market, fortune 100 company?

New Hampshire Got Jobs!?

How about some jobs? New Hampshire is reporting an April unemployment rate of 4.9%. … This is unlike last year when the initial “improvement” we saw was actually the result of workforce decline–people had stopped looking or receiving benefits and dropped out of the equation.

The Shower Muse Asks An Important Question About the Left Wing

Inspiration comes in strange places. Dots connect, ideas coalesce, thoughts combine. These kinds of events are most common for me in circumstances where it is almost impossible to write them down. I often get revelations driving and have to pull over to write them down. But the other morning it was in the shower.

Maryland Can’t Pass Same Sex Marriage

Tim Gill won’t be happy. He and Political Outgiving have been pouring money into Maryland and the pockets of its governor, Martin O’Malley, O’Malley was one of Tim Gill’s special guests at last years secret gathering along with our own governor John Lynch. The goal was, as it was in New Hampshire, to buy up local politicians at the state house level and ensure the governor of finanaical support to pass same sex marriage.

Anyone Know Where Governor Lynch Was Last Weekend?

I’m wondering where New Hampshire’s governor was between the 3rd and 6th of March 2011? Was he somewhere in New Hampshire, or off on other business? Maybe dropping off a Hallmark card of thanks? The donors from Political Outgiving ponied up about 10% of the Lynch campaign haul for 2010. Sometimes an email or a phone call just isn’t enough.