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John Lynch Must Go!

Here It is..Just take it

New Hampshire Democrats, and John Lynch have seen their own policy goals mirrored on the big screen in Washington DC and they could not be happier.  Every time the feds have a handout, no matter what the strings, Lynch grabs it with both hands, pimping out the Granite State for one time Federal dollars with which to "balance his budget." 

While this creates a massive structural deficit there is a more dangerous problem to deal with.  As the Obama administration, EPA in particular, rolls our new standards on emissions, boilers, arsenic, lead, and anything else you can imagine, the Lynch administration has already made it clear that New Hampshire has no sovereign right to object to these rules.  But these rules and the regulations that come with them will destroy jobs, and cripple growth, even here in New Hampshire where we have fought hard against the liberal creep that has been eating away at our advantage since 2006.

Budget deficits are a problem, but a flaccid chief executive unwilling to defend his own state, and its people, from any intrusion, poses a serious threat to the constitutional sovereignty of New Hampshire and the long term economic prosperity of its people.  John Lynch has become that person.

John Lynch must go.