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Breaking The Addiction To Government

Image: thesassyminx.comThe December New Hampshire labor report, period ending October 2010, is not all that remarkable.  Coos County is still suffering while overall the state is hanging in at 5.4%.  This number is still reflective of issues with the size of the labor force versus mid 2009 numbers.  We have to watch that as we head through the November and December reports into January, where holiday hiring will add to the labor force, and then most likley drop off.

What may have been the most interesting aspect of the new report however, was this paragraph from the first page.

In New Hampshire private industry GDP growth was below that of government. The current dollar change in private industry between 2008 and 2009 was almost non-existent. less than a $1 million dollar difference.  When adjusted for inflation private GDP saw a 1.5% percent decrease.  Government however (this is New Hampshire State Government) saw a 4.6% increase in current dollars.

This is how Democrat-controlled states feign growth. 

So is John Lynch’s ‘recovery’ built on a foundation of one time money from Washington to expand the role of government?  That would be a yes.  The Norelli/Larsen/Lynch combine took the company credit card, bought a bunch of goods and services from themselves in the form of more government, and are now left with more mouths to feed and a huge recurring annual bill for which there is no revenue.

This would not only create a false sense of growth on the GDP side, it produces an employment picture that is also something of a lie.  A lie that is no different than the ‘surplus’ lie that was regurgitated by the local media, the democrats, the little governor that could (not) and his RINO Republican’s whose bridge-drug addiction to spending makes them no better than the liberal-progressives whose binge-spending got us into this mess.  The truth of the structural deficit was clouded over by democrat deceit and a false surplus, until the left got hammered; now they admit there is no surplus and we may have a looming 600 million dollar deficit.  (Suckley–Sullivan and Buckley–are probably already at work prodding the historical revisionists in their Concord offices so the media will have the right messaging to regurgitate through the echo chamber moving into the 2012 cycle)

Mental note to electorate. These democrats are lying bastards.

On a bright note, we (New Hampshire) seem to have asked the grown-ups to step in, cut up the credit cards, and set things right.  But like any withdrawal from addiction, (cigarettes, video-games, gambling, alcohol, facebook, cocaine, heroin, pornography, government spending) it will not be a pleasant experience.  We may wake up some days feeling less than happy with ourselves or our decision to get ‘clean.’  Throughout our real recovery, the democrat ‘whinery’ will be producing the same old vintage–screaming for another ‘hit’ to make the pain go away like a daemon on our shoulder trying to drag us further into dependence. 

But we have to ignore them.  This is New Hampshire.  We are independent, self responsible, hard working people, who like our government small and local.  We can do better and we will.

Just remember; the left used government to create the lie of growth and stability, charging you more for less when jobs and income were in decline, based on a model whose glue would eventually mean less and less money in your pocket to keep the parts stuck together.  A model that adds parts and needs more of your glue with every passing year.  The same model that is collapsing in California, New York, Michigan, and other former great states that have been (or are being) reduced to the pathetic ash heap of history by years of democrat rule and chronic migration away from their crumbling government edifices who cannot stand on their own.

New Hampshire does not have to go out that way.  We can break the addiction.  And the voters have asked for that change.  It is a change that will eventually bring more companies, more jobs, and real growth–not the false "more government kind.’  And while the journey to recovery could be a rough road, we may never have a better opportunity than the next two years to get this done.

And once we get out, we have to make sure we never go back.