Feds Play The Lynch Shell Game With Themselves - Granite Grok

Feds Play The Lynch Shell Game With Themselves

Taking a page from the John Lynch Playbook, the Federal Reserve is planning to buy 500 billion in treasury bonds.  This is the Federal Government taking money from it’s right pocket, putting it in its’ left pocket, then putting it back in the right pocket, and claiming to have 500 billion more to spend.

This will create jobs. (no it wont)

John Lynch has performed similar gymnastics with the budget.  By playing peek-a-boo, he has made money appear that is not really there, added new bonding, shifted revenue around to places where it can be accounted differently, and even accepted one-time money that will not be there next year–whether he is or not.

John Lynch is claiming he created jobs as well. (he did not)

Lynch lost jobs.  We have 11,000 fewer of them according to the state employment statistics and 16,000 fewer people in the work force because those jobs no longer exist.

He didn’t balance the budget.  There is no surplus. Unemployment went down because there are fewer people looking not because jobs came back or were created.

Whatever John Lynch may have been when first elected, he is now a creature of government, willing to lie and cheat and even bend the law to cover his own ass.

And if we re-elect him, we’re the ones who will continue to pay for it.