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Anyone Know Where Governor Lynch Was Last Weekend?

Dateline Miami: It’s Miami, this years four-day staycation destination for governors in hock to Tim Gill and Political Outgiving. 

Last year New Hampshire Governor John "out of state political money is bad" Lynch was outed for attending the ‘secret event’ in Chicago.  It was later divulged (under duress I suspect) that he just gave a lunch speech and was Outgivingnot there to fund raise.  He must have left that part out of the speech.  Many of the wealthy attendees at the conference–none of whom live in New Hampshire–collectively coughed up over $100,000.00 for Governor Lynch’s re-election campaign in the usual fashion;  individual, personal contributions, over a number of weeks or months so as not to attract suspicion.  But no, he wasn’t fundraising.

This year the event was in Miami from March 3rd to the 6th, and once again, it’s all about secrecy.  To some peoples credit, there are a few folks in the gay community (here, here, and here) who object to the Gill Foundations ongoing obsession with the secrecy of this annual conference; no press, secret guest list, no agenda, and no transparency.  It bothers them and it should. They decide what states and elections to "invest" their millions in to advance their agenda.  Not everyone is privy to that agenda and this bothers some folks.

But that’s not my problem.

I’m wondering where New Hampshire’s governor was between the 3rd and 6th of March 2011?  Was he somewhere in New Hampshire, or off on other business?  Maybe dropping off a Hallmark card of thanks?  The donors from Political Outgiving ponied up about 10% of the Lynch campaign haul for 2010.  Sometimes an email or a phone call just isn’t enough.

So no idea if Lynch was there but one thing I do know, selling the lifestyle as a "right" is on the back burner. They (the gay lobby) have a new political campaign, and Mo Baxley from NH Freedom to Marry just used it on March 3rd. It is all about implying shared values.   The New narrative is LOVE.COMMITMENT.FAMILY.

March 3rd, AP (day one of the conference by the way)

Mo Baxley, executive director of New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, said that as people live with the law they realize it has no impact on their lives.

"They understand that gay and lesbian couples share the same values of other couples, like love, commitment and family," she said.

Eugene Sepulveda, reporting/blogging from the 2011 Outgiving conference in Miami…


LOVE.COMMITMENT.FAMILY – this is how we need to lead going forward. Others don’t connect with rights & benefits as well.


Interesting timing.  Revealing admission.  "Others don’t connect with rights & benefits as well."

So get used to it.  You’ll be hearing that a lot from the gay activists from now on. Love. Commitment. Family.  At least until next year.

Maybe we’ll even hear it from John Lynch.