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More Gay Lobby Lunch Money For Lynch

Image Credit: Wired.comMr. "Don’t let Out of State Money Corrupt Local New Hampshire Elections" himself, Governor John "The Hypocrite" Lynch, is the willing recipient of over 100,000.00 in gay activist out of state money in direct contributions to his campaign.  He’s also most certainly getting it through the back door from Ray Buckley and the NHDP’s many spigots, the HRC, and others.

As if that wasn’t enough of an integrity killer, Lynch has now just received at least another $7,000.00 dollars from out of state gay activists in his latest campaign finance documents.

Lynch needs the money.  He loaned himself another $350,000.00 in the same report, according to the Concord Monitor.  So he has loaned his campaign a total sum of $850.000.00 dollars in this one election.

But Lynch has only raised 1.12 Million for the general election with his own loans.  Take the loans out and he only has 350,000.00 from sources other than his own checkbook.  Thirty five percent of whats left is from one special interest; gay marriage activists from Tim Gill’s Political Out Giving, the group he secretly slithered off to, to give a luncheon speech back in May.  After he got caught, he insisted it wasn’t for political contributions.

Talk about integrity collapse.  This is a guy who publicly whined about the national organization for marriage running an ad in which they told the truth about his flip flop on gay marriage, and now he’s gotten up to 35% of all his campaign funding (other than personal loans) from Tim Gill’s out of state same sex marriage millionaires. 

These are wealthy individuals who make private direct contributions to candidates, or contribute through groups like NH HRC or other front groups (who then funnel that money directly to the NHDP in the case of New Hampshire) so it harder to trace them and their agenda.  And what is their agenda? Their sole purpose in donating it to hide out of state single issue contributions meant to manipulate local elections to advance their fringe agenda.

So John Lynch is a liar, and a hypocrite.  Still.


Gay Lobby activist donors so far from his most recent campaign finance report.

Hoff Edwards         Cambridge        MA     $1000.00
Elmendorf Steve    Washington      DC     $1000.00
Offutt Christi         Fargo               ND     $1000.00
Ricketts Laura       Chicago            IL      $1000.00
Offutt Ryan           Fargo               ND     $1000.00
Heifetz Mel            Philadelphia     PA     $1000.00
Snyder Brian          New York          NY     $1000,00