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State Sovereignty National Union

State Sovereignty National Union  

State Sovereignty National Union is the state motto of Illinois. Didn’t know that did you. Neither did I. The statistics in this post come from and their article in RealClear Politics.

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EPIC! -> “Americans don’t get ruled!”

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat and a FABULOUSLY wealthy businessman is part of the family that owns the Hyatt Hotels. He Effectively “bought” the Governorship from what I have read. His problem, like many Governors at this time: they think they’ve been elected Kings and Queens.

Bernie vs Nutt-Head 2020

Battle Of The Geriatric Titans

If you thought some of the GOP 2016 crowd was weak, just consider the best the Dems have to offer: A communist useful idiot, and a Socialist total idiot! Timothy Bishop presents the battle of “Bernie vs Nutt-Head!” Also, where to check the score…


Judge Tosses Towns Ban On ‘Assault Rifles’

In May of last year, we reported on a new phenomenon – certainly new to Illinois. Sanctuary counties for gun owners. Places where state-level gun grabbing laws would not be enforced. Shortly after one Illinois community in one of those counties responded by passing a town ban on assault weapons.