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Democrat Solution to Democrat Created Problem – Charge $1000.00/ Year to Register Electric Vehicles

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Since the imposition of Obama on the Nation, we’ve been forced to endure endless prattle over our transportation future. Part of the prescription includes electric vehicles (EV). And while there are plenty of problems, from economics to infrastructure, to practicality, the biggest one for Democrats is revenue.

Democrats need tax dollars. Cigarettes, liquor, your utility bills, income, property, investments, tolls, fees, and more fees, to name a few. Oh, and gasoline.  Roads and bridges. Crumbling infrastructure™. It’s a problem only governments could make worse. And thanks to their demand that we all drive cars that will never pay a dime in gasoline taxes, they have.

What to do about a transportation future with no gas taxes? One Rep in Illinois has proposed charging EV owners $1000.00 every year to register their vehicles.

“We haven’t updated our gas tax since 1990. We haven’t had a capital bill in over 10 years. It’s time to modernize our transportation funding formula to make it sustainable and consistent,” says Sandoval, adding that “Our transportation system has been underfunded for far too long. We’ve been kicking this can down the road for decades and it’s time for us to finally step up and find a solution.”

Everything in Illinois is underfunded. Democrats have made sure of this. They have also ensured that there is no way to pay for anything, including public service payrolls, pensions, and benefits, which are why they can afford nothing else.

Raising the gas tax won’t change that, nor will milking the declining number of EV owners because they do not pay gas taxes. The only cure for what ails Illinois are people who are not Democrats. 

One more thing. Since Illinois taxes electricity and those taxes show up in electric rates, can EV owners deduct the taxes they pay on electricity to ‘fuel’ their vehicles from the proposed registration fee?

I’m going to go with no for all the reasons mentioned above. There is “no enough,” and when it runs out, the first people to lose will be the folks who sold their lives to the promises made by politicians spending other people’s money.