Illinois Senate Passes Bill Banning Trump from 2020 Ballot - Granite Grok

Illinois Senate Passes Bill Banning Trump from 2020 Ballot


It’s not law yet, but I’d be interested in seeing that happen. Illinois has legislation that demands 5-year’s worth of tax returns or Trump won’t be on the November 2020 ballot.

Actually, I think the constitution might have something to say about that. Democrats arbitrarily deciding to place limits on who can run for President isn’t supposed to be a thing. The constitution is clear that the only limitations are being a natural born citizen and over 35. If Illinois is allowed to do this, what stops Texas from banning the Democrat over whatever random issue they care about?

Which is why I’d like to see it passed and signed. 

A partisan majority making random demands completely unrelated to constitutional eligibility. Effectively prohibiting the nominee of a recognized political party to stand for election. Why not just ban Republicans if you’ve got the votes?

So, I would love to see an epic case of partisan state-power exercised as extortion debated on the national stage. 

Pass the popcorn.

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