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Judge Tosses Towns Ban On ‘Assault Rifles’


In May of last year, we reported on a new phenomenon – certainly new to Illinois. Sanctuary counties for gun owners. Places where state-level gun grabbing laws would not be enforced. Shortly after one Illinois community in one of those counties responded by passing a town ban on assault weapons.

“The Village of Deerfield, Illinois has passed an ordinance requiring owners of so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines to turn them in, destroy them, render inoperable, or remove them from the Village within 60 days or face fines up to $1000 for each offense.”

Second Amendment activists challenged the change, and a state court blocked it from taking effect while it was resolved in court. It has been eight months, and the case has concluded.

“Lake County Circuit Court Judge Luis Berrones ruled Friday that the village of Deerfield had no authority to impose the ban and issued a permanent injunction to stop its enforcement…”

Deerfield tried to justify the ban by claiming it was nothing more than a modification to the existing storage rules they adopted in 2013. The judge said no. While the State of Illinois grants local governments some leeway, this went well beyond the permissions granted.  But the village of Deerfield isn’t through.

This unprecedented interpretation of state legislative action and intent make this case ripe for appeal,” the village said in a statement released on its website. “We continue to believe that these weapons have no place in our community and that our common-sense assault weapon regulations are legal and were properly enacted.”

Paint this picture. An entire county, but for one plucky berg, is a sanctuary for the Second Amendment. You’re a local hooligan looking for the best place to safely practice your art?” Oh, look, Deerfield!

Hopefully, the thugs won’t get the chance even though an appeal seems imminent.

The law won’t be allowed to take effect as long as this is climbing the court system ladder. A trip that could wind its way toward the US Supreme Court if the State Supreme Court doesn’t agree with the lower court. Second  Amendment supporters will not stand by and be fined or have their weapons confiscated, nor should they. 

As for sanctuary counties, way back in May of 2018, I hoped the trend would catch on, and it has. We’ve reported on dozens of counties in multiple states declaring themselves to be second amendment sanctuaries. Which means more cases like this are going to come forward. 

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