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Fossil Fool

Woke … What is it? What Will it be?

Today “Woke” is a concept symbolizing correct perception and awareness of social issues. It is an unenlightening social movement. Woke has become a generic slang term. It broadly associates with leftist politics, social justice, and activist causes.

Angry unhinged leftist

The SJW Attack “Survival Guide”

As corporate culture proceeds down the slope to cultural Marxism, you may find yourself subject to the Inhuman Resources department’s abuses. The diversity culture demands the employ of credentialed experts on identity politics, and that means the slightest slight could put you under the microscope.

Khomeini and Jimmy Carter

America’s Insanity and Mistake Trap

When people hear the word “insanity,” they conjure up the image of someone out of touch with reality and out of control; a dysfunctional person fit to be tied. Yet, insanity comes in numerous types as well as degrees. It is also widely prevalent in groups, even in the nations as a whole.

E Pluribus Unum

“Uncovering the Origins of Identity Politics”

The following is a long post from The Daily Signal by Mike Gonzalez. One of the things that is driving our culture is what I’ve been calling the Democrat Party Identity Politics Group Totem Pole. It is crushing the idea of E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one.