Notable Quote - Have Progressives already beat the Free Market into submission? Have we moved into Fascism controlled markets? - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – Have Progressives already beat the Free Market into submission? Have we moved into Fascism controlled markets?

Reformatted, emphasis mine:

In the interventionist state it is no longer of crucial importance for the success of an enterprise that operations be run in such a way that the needs of the consumer are satisfied in the best and least expensive way; it is much more important that one has “good relations” with the controlling political factions, that the interventions redound to the advantage and not the disadvantage of the enterprise.

A few more Marks worth of tariff-protection for the output of the enterprise, a few Marks less tariff-protection for the inputs in the manufacturing process can help the enterprise more than the greatest prudence in the conduct of operations. An enterprise may be well run, but it will go under if it does not know how to protect its interests in the arrangement of tariff rates, in the wage negotiations before arbitration boards, and in governing bodies of cartels.

It is much more important to have “connections” than to produce well and cheaply.

Consequently the men who reach the top of such enterprises are not those who know how to organize operations and give production a direction which the market situation demands, but rather men who are in good standing both “above” and “below,” men who know how to get along with the press and with all political parties, especially with the radicals, such that their dealings cause no offense. This is that class of general directors who deal more with federal dignitaries and party leaders than with those from whom they buy or to whom they sell.

-Ludwig von Mises (The Myth of the Failure of Capitalism)

Note: Marks refer to the German Mark as this was written in Germany.

While are are 90 years down the road since the above was written, that 90 years has only given politicians that know they know more what’s best for you, and bureaucrats trying to self justify their operations, more time to use government to prove they are working for “the little guy”.

Or, having infiltrated Government, put their shoulders into turning the Government sharpening stone toward their ideological outlook of the role of Government vs Society. After all, there’s a reason why the phrase “Democrats are the Party of Government” because Government now is oft filled with Democrats. And we can simply turn around ourselves and know what THEIR ideology is doing.

No Democrat ever has answered the question “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist”; there is only Socialism. Just look who is at the top of the US Senate Budget Committee – the Moscow Honeymooner, Bernie Sanders.  It is the Socialists in the Democrat Party that are the ascendant wing of the Party and they do believe that Government MUST be in charge.

Of everything. So what Mises wrote about back then is now here in the US – with a vengeance. Doubt me?  Just listen to AOC and Elizabeth Warren on their overwatch (or is that over kill?) of the banking / financial companies.

Mises observed the change – from serving customers to serving Government. That can never end well and it won’t here in the US.

Trust me, folks, we are seeing the falseness of “it can never happen here in the US” – it is.

After all, look at the Adolph Hitler quote. How much different is it than what the “leading” Democrats are saying now?

History does repeat itself. I’m not going to say “farce” but “danger”.