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Bills Vetoed Described with Veto Message

Bills Vetoed Described with Veto Message

Below is a list of New Hampshire legislative bills passed which were vetoed by the governor, described with his veto message. You can read the bill by clicking the link to the bill number. You can read the veto message by clicking the veto message link. Link to Bill #                          Bill Title                                    Governor’s Veto Message …

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April 27th GrokTALK! Guest Segment – NH House Rep Bill O’Brien

This week on GrokTALk! New Hampshire House Republican, and former Speaker of the NH House, Rep Bill O’Brien talks to Skip and Steve about budgets, deficits, dishonest accounting gymnastics, devolving power from Concord and returning it to the towns and the people, and how his exploration of a potential congressional run is going. To download …

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Is The NH House Ready for More Darth Norelli?

Lord Vader brooked no failure and punishment was swift and final. New Hampshire Democrat  Terie Norelli, as either Majority or Minority leader, has never been one to tolerate dissent either.  And while she’s not (to our knowledge) ever strangled anyone with the force, she has strangled their careers, used inter-caucus bullying and intimidation to bring …

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Maybe the House Got the Message

Despite alarmist claims about not raising the debt ceiling, the Secretary of the Treasury can dispense its approximately $2 trillion revenues on a priority basis. Our country need not default on our debt or fail to pay the military, seniors, the poor, or other critical obligations UNLESS OBAMA’s administration CHOOSES NOT TO MAKE THOSE PAYMENTS.

Guns vs Progressives

People who were raised in liberal bastions or who have not been adequately deprogrammed every day after returning home form the government run propaganda ministry (public school system) may be reading this with their mouths agape. Oh My God! They all have GUNZZZ! (You can also add “What about the CHILDREN! at no additional cost.)

Brunelle Is A Distraction

My previous post on the pending investigation of Mike Brunelle was to poke fun at the lefts hypocrisy on the influence of money, anticipate the caterwauling, and suggest a course for clarifying the meaning of the text. In the intervening days, it seems obvious that I left some points out, some made by democrats.